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Makeover by Ritu – Ritu Agarwal is a creative makeup artist with 4+ years of experience applying makeup to performers and salon customers. She is known to be best makeup artist in Gwalior. Aiming to leverage her knowledge and experience of creating both natural and Avant-garde looks to fill the role of the theatre artist and customers ranging from brides, grooms to attend of the special occasions. Possessing a certified degree from BHI, Mumbai, and the experience of working with renowned Bollywood Celebrities. She can definitely prove to be the best choice for destination makeup in Gwalior.

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About Ritu Agarwal

Personal Introduction

A small-town girl from an inspiring town where the history of one of our greatest warriors Rani Lakshmi Bai was written, I always knew I had the passion to fulfill my dreams and give back to our women community in the best possible way I could. I always wanted to become the best makeup artist in Gwalior. It took me a while to recognize what my best skill would be and once I was freed from all the bonds I found my final passion in the skills of makeup artistry. My strength was my willingness to learn and I always believed that there was a world out there for me waiting for me to make a difference. I am very enthusiastic and passionate about what I have achieved as a woman and always say that, raise your energy levels, get excited, sit up proudly in your chair and make that impact! By – Makeover By Ritu


I got the opportunity to learn the skills of my art from the esteemed make-up school of BHI in Mumbai led by the inspiring Vivek Bharti. Not only I learned the skills of art it taught me life skills, especially in the industry led by our fellow males. I was given the chance to work with and on various celebrities in our most popular industry and one of them was none other than Manish Malhotra the designer of our time and also in Lakme Fashion Week. I was one of the best in term and with no background and support, I managed to create my presence among much younger, well-privileged co-artists.

Giving back to the community

I truly believe in giving back to the community as I do understand the needs and how the dreams of underprivileged women are neglected. This thought made me move back to my niche, my own town where a lot of women with lots of potential need inspiration and support. With this aim, I have a private school that I personally run to teach the underprivileged students with the passion of makeup art and help them both financially and professionally so they can take their skills to a level which they could make an earning and a name out of it. I believe over time, people generally remember the way you made them feel rather than the words you spoke, so it is essential we keep it real.


Have been invited by Makeover By Ritu to inspire and been honored by many organizations. I am well known to provide my services for destination makeup in Gwalior and other places as well.

Other Experiences

I can safely say that I do now have some worldwide experience after working In Thailand, I was in England not only enhancing my make-up skills but also learning the art of hair artistry from a local College in the United Kingdom. I have also had experience working on customers of bigger brands like Estee Lauder and showing off my skill.


The travel experience not only added to my make-up skills but has also widened my experience on how well empowered women are in other countries and how I can be a part of the community to make a difference and bring on enlightenment.

Closing Statement

My Journey has only begun and I am determined to make a difference in not one but more of my fellow women’s lives. People love asking me the question ‘what has been your biggest achievement?’ And I always answer that my biggest achievement is yet to come. Well, one is I really want to be the best makeup artist in Gwalior. You can also approach me for destination makeup in gwalior and worldwide. Makeover By Ritu

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